Am I in Love? {a Garroth x reader}

Am I in Love? {a Garroth x reader}

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Y/n was separated from her family when she was 10. She grew up in Pikoro village with a nice couple who took her in. Later she left the village to get revenge. Years later she stumbles across a village called Phoenix Drop. There she meets the man of her dreams. She wants to stay with him, but is she stays, they will come.

Did Garroth have a troubled childhood? 

You could say that. He ran away when he finally had enough. He became guard of Phoenix Drop, expecting a calm life. Little did he know, that his adventure was just starting.

{characters do not belong to me} English isn't  my first language so my grammar will suck.

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- - Oct 21
if I say yes will you give me your nuts?
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Rainbow Dash
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Here is me being observant. Aphmau has like raven/black hair and amber eyes
                              L: gray (blind eye) R: violet
                              Shoulder length
                              Dark blue
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                              Emerald green