My Brothers Best Friend

My Brothers Best Friend

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Sopranoism By _caitieweighty_ Completed


The day of Cora Rivers 16th birthday, just like every other werewolf, Cora finds her mate. Her mate is 21 year old Alpha Caleb Rhyes, also known as her brother - Aidan's best friend. How will Aidan take the news? Will Caleb reject Cora? Or will Aidan stand in the way of his sisters other half?


Imogen Rhyes, daughter of the over protective Alpha - Caleb Rhyes, has never cared much for mates. On the night of her shifting ceremony, Imogen meets her mate - long time family friend and soon to be Beta, Dean Winter. Dean's father - Beta Jace  Winter has a long, tricky history with Caleb's mate. Will this previous history get in the way of Imogen and Dean's love? Will Imogen even accept that fact she has a mate? Will an old pack enemy ruin any chance of happiness for both Caleb and his daughter?

By @caitieweighty
Copyrighted 2016
All Rights Reserved
All characters and plotlines are property of the author and may not be used unless permission has been given by the author and credit is given to the author.

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Cordelia_E Cordelia_E Apr 18, 2017
Omg!!! Cordelia's my name!!! Lol. But I like Xavier, Cordelia and rose
daqueenisherebitch daqueenisherebitch Dec 18, 2017
Starburst, i love starburst, and you made it a pack, this is my new favourite pack lol 😂
ttxsuninim ttxsuninim Apr 29, 2017
Are they like dogs that can frikin change to humans or what I'm so confused
kerbc1 kerbc1 Jan 06, 2017
I wish she would break the page into paragraphs it's so much easier that way.
Happyharshini Happyharshini Mar 07, 2016
One suggestion give spacing beteween paras so it becomes easier to read