Girl next door

Girl next door

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I ❤️ Horses By Lilyfoal Updated Oct 28

She was just the odd but intriguing girl next door. She was most definitely not anything special, until you looked a little deeper.

Alec Parker was the typical bad boy but was not a player. He had only one friend. And that was the only person he would talk to. Well till the girl next door got involved.

Reece Dralt was an odd person. She was exceptionally quite but not a nerd or geek. She has been in quite a bit of trouble recently which is why she gets sent to her uncles place to become well behaved. Little does everyone know she has a reason for everything.

Secrets and people from her past show up and everything starts to take a turn for the wild. Will everyone find out who she really is? words....i already know this book is going to be great
day_day0117 day_day0117 Jul 08
If I read this in front of one of my friends  it would keep them busy a whole lot longer than a second
ch3n21 ch3n21 Jul 08
I'm in my kitchen and I read out loud, and my mom is looking at me like I'm crazy now😂😂😂😂
can i ask u smething?
                              apart frm the fact in the book, do U personally believe that everything happens for a reason?
zhaleemah9 zhaleemah9 Sep 16
Ohhhhh I get it the first word but it didn't take that long just like 5 seconds