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f*ck it • joji miller

f*ck it • joji miller

12.4K Reads 324 Votes 8 Part Story
mariana_silverstorm By mariana_silverstorm Updated Jul 31, 2016

"My overprotective older brother and his best friend/my love interest. Yeah, things are going to work out perfectly." ~OB

Everyone in this fanfiction needs to wait at least three chapters before flirting this much, I'm deeply disturbed by the amount of affection being hurled every which way this early.
If that's the character we're going with, I look like a babe.
terrorisedqueen terrorisedqueen Aug 27, 2016
why are you using the same names, actors and lines from the 100?
Divalee143 Divalee143 Dec 31, 2016
I always wonder... Why do every "girl" character has to wear makeup all the time?
BloodRedOnyx BloodRedOnyx Aug 31, 2016
"-and if you need anything, I'm right next door."
                              LOVE ME
                              I NEED YOU TO LOVE ME
idaddy_leafman idaddy_leafman Dec 23, 2016
It makes me sad to think about Joji smoking. All I imagine is Pink Guy pointing and saying cancer