The Castaway Luna

The Castaway Luna

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Pain. Pain was the only feeling I felt that day, the day I was rejected. What even hurt more was one month later when I found out I was pregnant with his baby....

Four years ago, Kara gave up the life of a wolf in order to get as far away from her ex-mate, Ryder, as possible. Then, as if life was laughing in her face, she ends up pregnant, with Ryder's baby.

Now, with her life finally normal, Kara thought she could relax. She had a great job, an amazing son, and an overall wonderful life. However, a run in with Mr. Mate leaves Kara with a big decision: Leave town or take back the man that broke her heart four years ago. 

However, as life throws another curveball into Kara'a ballpark, she will have to learn some new skills and readapt to her wolf ways in order to protect herself and her family. But, will it be enough?

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Her scents not different is it! You are just going to listen to people except your own mate!? You know what sometimes I really want to steal people in books so they can have better lives
Umm well he's narrow minded, you need to have proof before rejecting your mate and saying that she cheated on you
Wouldn't he like feel it? If she was cheating on him, I mean.
JelenaBieberGomez JelenaBieberGomez Dec 25, 2015
What kind of mate doesn't trust their mate?! He's gonna regret it!