Confession Time | Assassination classroom

Confession Time | Assassination classroom

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whoops I'm trash By Sleepyhanse Completed

"aww damn oh well might as well let the cat out of the bag " said karma 

"Yay and you have a cat in a bag?! Is the cat okay? Where is it I wanna name him.... okay first I need to see the cat to name him " I say excitedly looking around for the cat.

"Haha I wasn't meaning a literal cat. And his name is Nagisa Shiota. Smurf I like you a lot and I want to be your boyfriend. " 


After the death of korosensei. Nagisa and karma are assassin's and live Together. The rest of class became different things and only a few became assassin's like them 
gay description I know of sorry but give my story a chance since there isn't a lot of nagisaxkarma fan fics here

Divide_By_Zero Divide_By_Zero Feb 21, 2016
LMAO OK, "I AM A LAWYER NOW BYE" I swear, I thought Nagisa would just pedal it off stealing the two tickets.
Tinypinkie Tinypinkie Dec 27, 2015
What do you want? can we kiss? oh you want a kiss you can kiss my ass!
fierza_ryanna fierza_ryanna Oct 25, 2015
this is awesome but why minion nagisa isn't even yellow and minions are yellow . i loved it cant wait to read next chapter .update soon <3