Never told Nursery Rhymes

Never told Nursery Rhymes

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John Saxon By Nuyadha Updated Sep 09

Are these the sort of things you like, my dear?
the stories and the rhymes that make you shake?
are you the sort who seeks darkness and fear?
I surely hope you are, for your own sake.

In here you'll meet the fear who has a face,
in here you'll feel the cold under your bed,
In here the childhood terrors have a space,
And bedsheets are all weaved of spiders' thread.

So, gather one and all who relish fear,
and gather those who savour grim good times,
find your peace and gladness walking here,
in the Never Told Nursery Rhymes.


These are a few grim little rhymes of my own invention, although I'm sure many of you have noticed that quite a few have outside inspiration. Some of them are meant to be scary, some of them are just meant to have an enjoyable atmosphere, but hopefully at least a few will tickle your fancy.  I just want to thank you all
for your support as it means alot. And a special shoutout to @StJoey77 and @FlukeAuriola for being the best of friends to me.

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that isnt as scary as other things i have read  but still freaky
To the children on their sleeps line just makes me crack up for some reason. Help me
this reminds me of Coraline's other-mother, doesn't it ???
                              when you think about it, you can see the resemblance. 
                              "run away to mother's arms," 
                              but, are you running to your actual mothers arms, or the other mother's long, thin and bony ones?
Read this at my aunts place. A place known to be haunted. LOL loved the experience though.
This was a mistake
                              Im reading at 3:03 am
                              Im not looking from under my covers much but im getting too hot
                              Im having a panic attack
I was expecting to see "Written by M Night Shyamalan" at the very end