Mistakes {Fairy Tail NaLu Fanfiction}

Mistakes {Fairy Tail NaLu Fanfiction}

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Team Natsu Slays By TeamNatsuSlays Updated Oct 23, 2016

Natsu has had enough. 

He always wanted to make sure Lucy is safe, but he also knows he can't always be there. He knows he needs to protect her... 

No, she needs to stop being on Fairy Tail's strongest team. All those dangerous jobs, no he can't put her in harm's way every single time they head out on a job.

But he never wanted her to leave Fairy Tail with the thoughts that she was only a burden.

It was a mistake that Natsu deeply regretted for five long years.

Fairy Tail finally decides to compete in the twelfth Grand Magic Games alongside the major guilds once again but when a completely strange team/guild takes center stage, the mages of Fairy Tail and of Fiore are in for a complete surprise.

A guild filled with dragon slayers only.

Five dragon slayers. Three boys, two girls. 

But their captain: 

The heartbroken Lucy Heartfilia back for revenge on the guild she once thought would always love her and never cause her so much sorrow to last two lifetimes.

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KitKatTicTac104 KitKatTicTac104 Nov 07, 2016
Lucy's part: "A woman can preach," AH HELL YEAH THEY CAN, ESPECIALLY MY DAU-
                              Lucy: *tick mark* Sister...
                              Me: O-Oh.. R-Right.. MY SISTAHH!!