The Magic of My Heart |Norway X Reader|

The Magic of My Heart |Norway X Reader|

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Just Cuz By Frostfur789 Updated Oct 31

(Name) knew she was different since the day she was born. She heard voices no one else could hear, and was disowned by her family because of her unusual gift. As she grew older, the voice eventually disappeared. However, the practice of magic brought back the mysterious mission. 

The voice always repeated a similar message, it's tone never changing:

"Find me when you grow older. Follow my voice around the darkest corners, and obtain the everlasting power of victory."


                              Who is he?
                              Who is him?
                              He is the one that I get the whispers from.
                              So, them who is 'him'?
                              I don't know
*the next day*
                              [Name]: *randomly shoots a large flame*
                              IGGY: yer a wizard Harr- I mean [Name]
suirikumatsu suirikumatsu Oct 13, 2015
yaaaz another amazing fanfic ♥~♥ yaaayy omg your fanfics are so good they make my day  I-I can't even ILY NEW SENPAI