Searching For Someone To Call My Own

Searching For Someone To Call My Own

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I'm just trying to make it out. Get out of this hellhole. Now listen, I didn't go to college or nothing like that... Didn't have the money for it. They denied me for financial aid. So I said "f*ck it!" I was sick of me thrown in a status because of where I came from.- even if I came from wealth. I wanted to make my own money; and my on name. 

And, on top of that my name. God! My name; my name is Donna'lakiesha Nicolae Hughes. Some damn name huh? As soon, as I turned the age of 18 I changed my name the moment I got the chance. Now, my name is Donna Nicolae Hughes. Better fit if you ask me. 

So who is Donna? I wish I knew... I just want to get away from here. So, I took a job working for a rich man. Pays good? Yeah, but; go figure he's in the game- football player. Just when, I thought I'd make it out- I got pushed right back in. 

I never knew it would be this hard being a housekeeper- well a football players housekeeper at that.... So, let me tell my story. 


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Queen_Xcx Queen_Xcx Feb 29, 2016
{I meant comment before but it didn't show}
                              She is baddddddddddd but funny. Two times late? This bitch is tripping
caribbean_gangstress caribbean_gangstress Sep 24, 2016
Girl its hard, now u know but then its too late and you can't cry over spilled milk
QueenDani95 QueenDani95 Oct 20, 2016
I love the book but also can't wait for book 2 🙌🙋🙌🙋👏👏👏
Ljflash Ljflash Dec 22, 2015
Got my ass dead cuz oml I'll say sum like that. No filter 😭😭😭 "I am yet in another casket"
-lionhearted -lionhearted Nov 18, 2015
I'm liking this. Not enough Victor books on here. Very good!