Better Put That Woman First: A deeper love

Better Put That Woman First: A deeper love

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Chy Illustrations ❤️ By Chy_Seoul Completed

Book 1: A deeper love, a deeper passion. Simeon Cruz is the man on top. He's one of the top NFL players in the league: and the best. But things get hot and heavy when heartbreak spreads like a wild fire. He's a man of integrity, and a major sex symbol. 
All he wants is: trust, love, and companionship. The one woman he thought was the one to love. Just didn't make the cut. When he grows broken he hires one woman that he never thought would change his life forever. 

Where does love stand? And where does it end? When all a relationship needs is when the man out his woman first. 

So who is Donna? Every woman wished they could be in her place. Every woman wants to be her! Anyone would love to take her spot if she was to mess up. Donna is yet to find out who she can be in life, and the struggles of being a young adult is cutting in on her. Sometimes she just wants to get away from the life world she's living in. From trying to be an independent woman to working for a rich athlete. That pays good? But, Donna never knew it would be this hard being a housekeeper for a well know football player. From then on things get deep for her, and she can't seem to get out of it. 

With the "baby momma" drama, and lies piling up after that. Things get even deeper, when the love of her life gets hurt in more ways than one. Will things change between Donna and Simeon? Or will they remain in denial and fight all the backlash that comes their way? Eve was created from one of Adam's ribs to be Adam's companion. What was Donna and Simeon created and put on this earth for?

"I never knew it would be this hard being a housekeeper. Will a football player's housekeeper at that. So, let me ask you this? Are you ready to read my journey?"

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Queen_Xcx Queen_Xcx Feb 29, 2016
{I meant comment before but it didn't show}
                              She is baddddddddddd but funny. Two times late? This bitch is tripping
authornene authornene Sep 24, 2016
Girl its hard, now u know but then its too late and you can't cry over spilled milk
QueenDani95 QueenDani95 Oct 20, 2016
I love the book but also can't wait for book 2 🙌🙋🙌🙋👏👏👏
Ljflash Ljflash Dec 22, 2015
Got my ass dead cuz oml I'll say sum like that. No filter 😭😭😭 "I am yet in another casket"
-revolutions -revolutions Nov 18, 2015
I'm liking this. Not enough Victor books on here. Very good!