Heartless (ON HOLD)

Heartless (ON HOLD)

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XxInsanityQueenxX By XxInsanity_QueenxX Updated Jan 01

"I know everyone told me to stay away from you, but what did they expect? You're my mate, I feel this attraction towards you. I know you act all tough whenever people are around. I know once you're alone you're a different person. I know you have a past that you want to forget about, and even if you keep pushing me away, I'll find out about it. About your past, because that's what made you the person you are today. Heartless." 


Brooklyn Parker definitely did not expect to be mates with Christian Alexander. He's a heartless fool with a dark past. Brooklyn learns that he is madly in love with another girl, who's his brothers mate.

Although she knows she'll end up heartbroken in the end, she's still willing to try and get him to open up to her.

  • alpha
  • cold
  • dark
  • hate
  • heartbreak
  • heartless
  • love
  • mate
  • mysterious
  • rejection
  • romance
CharlottesCookie CharlottesCookie Mar 18, 2017
It's raining tacos! And it's literally raining rn, I'm drenched 😭😭😭
ShadeBladez ShadeBladez Jun 28, 2017
Thought he was supposed to be in love with his brothers mate?
"Ohio is where I'm from. We chew em like it's gum. We cannot be undone. Jake Paul is number one. It's every day Bro. "
secretkatia secretkatia Dec 04, 2016
Slightly annoyed with the repetitive uses for alphas in so many books. "Monster, cruel, heartless, cold, etc." 😩
SueZeq SueZeq Aug 22, 2016
Omg..her "friend" is already screwing someone and they just arrived..can you say whore. Nice friend.....
                              He's not much better either. They deserve each other
frasermagoo frasermagoo Oct 19, 2015
in my book she is no best friend especially when she is hooked up with someone's mate