The Diabolik Princess- A Diabolik Lovers and Vampire Knight x Pureblood!reader

The Diabolik Princess- A Diabolik Lovers and Vampire Knight x Pureblood!reader

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9 By aiimee9 Updated Aug 12, 2016

{On Hold}Diabolik Lovers crossover with Vampire Knight or Diabolik Lovers X Pureblood!reader

Karleinz legally took custody of the last (L/n) princess; as the young princess was raised by the so called king of vampires. When in truth, he's just another half-pureblood. 
   Years later, she's sent to be hosted by Karleinz six sons'. She arrives the same day Yui arrives to the mansion. 
   The real royal of vampires has arrive, and everyone in the household will know what it really means to be the blood bag. And what true darkness lies in the vampire kingdom.

~{(I do not accept constant update comments as for me to update the next chapter, unless they give a reason WHY. It helps me know that you enjoy the story then just saying UP DATE.)}~

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Randomly_Crazy_Otaku Randomly_Crazy_Otaku Sep 17, 2016
How does that even sound if I heard someone's voice sound like that I'd be freaked out XD
SvtBtsGot7Exo_ SvtBtsGot7Exo_ Aug 25, 2016
I'm listening to Yuuki and Zero's duet instead from the musical xD
AubrelynAnnHerrera AubrelynAnnHerrera Jun 17, 2016
So if reader chan blood line is special among pure bloods. Does that mean her parents were a king and queen? If not how is she queen?
magi_aura magi_aura Nov 21, 2016
OMG the music goes with this so well and the singing started for me right after the slap perfect hehe 😂
FaiRune FaiRune Jan 17, 2017
Can I eat her voice? It sounds really delicious by your description 😆
mymindisforsale mymindisforsale Oct 18, 2015
Ehrmahgurd ;-; this is so amazing. Please please PLEASE update soon!