My Enemy {Nalu}

My Enemy {Nalu}

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They were business rivals , ex bestfriends and "married."

Lucy Heartfilia, 21 years young - owner of Love and Lucky Incorporated 

Natsu Dragneel, 22 years young-  owner of Fire Dragon Industries 
Raised as friends grew up as enemy's. Lucy needed to one up her company being she wasn't born in the country she couldn't, what happens when she sees Natsu and lies about them being engaged, will their hatred disappear?

{Oct 14,2015 - February 15,2017}

All characters belong to Hiro Mashima. The owner and creator or FairyTail

Cover art by @Kaleta.lapoin /Instagram.

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evlol31 evlol31 Jan 04
Omg you met todd haberkorn?! i'm so jealouse i really want to meet him!
Ayleo-n-love Ayleo-n-love Sep 04, 2017
I like how Lucy just had to mention she hated natsu in the beginner of the story just makes me wanna see her say she loves him even more
Naluband Naluband Aug 18, 2017
YOU'RE NOT EXCITED!?!?!!!?!?!??????!!!!! Love the book so far!!!!! ;)
                              OR SHOULD I SAY
                              LOVE AND LUCKY??? Get it IM SOOO FUNNY
I feel like Lucy will win and Natsu will lose... 
                              BET ON LUCY OR NATSU!! WHO WILL WIN WHO WILL LOSE!? •grabs money people are giving me•
fairytail75200 fairytail75200 Nov 11, 2017
yay lucy is a b*tch in this and i love it when lucy is b*tchy its so funny