My Enemy {Nalu}

My Enemy {Nalu}

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Natsu ninja By natsu_ninja Updated Dec 02

They were business rivals , ex bestfriends and "married."

Lucy Heartfilia, 21 years young - owner of Love and Lucky Incorporated 

Natsu Dragneel, 22 years young-  owner of Fire Dragon Industries 
Raised as friends grew up as enemy's. Lucy needed to one up her company being she wasn't born in the country she couldn't, what happens when she sees Natsu and lies about them being engaged, will their hatred disappear?

{Oct 14-

All characters belong to Hiro Mashima. The owner and creator or FairyTail

Cover art by @Kaleta.lapoin /Instagram.

Well freaking then... Lucy I'm sorry but I'm on Natsu's side for now XD
Wow petty yeah yeah they petty p-e- to the t-t-y hm ok ladies now let's get in formation
TamuLiWaz TamuLiWaz Jul 14
Why a challenger??? Wait a minute!! Why a muscle car?? I would have prefered a ford mustang gt!!!
FlutterPie1920 FlutterPie1920 a day ago
Awwww I thought this was going to be a love story... hope it ends with them falling in love!!
Oooooooo, interesting. Nalu better be canon by the time this story is though.
I know the perfect car for him a 1967.. Chevrolet IMPALA!!!!