The Fighter (Killua X reader) [COMPLETED]

The Fighter (Killua X reader) [COMPLETED]

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Gay Trash By Essencede Completed

In a place called Fighter's Palace, a young fourteen year old girl is at rank 300. She's one of the high rankers. In the Fighter's Palace, you have to fight to rise in the ranks. If you lose, you could be demoted. If you win, you could raise a rank or ranks. At first, you move pretty fast, but later, it gets harder. 

Y/n has been a fighter for awhile.  Gon and Killua are newcomers that she ends up being friends with. But what if Killua and y/n fell for each other?

I give credit to the creator for creating this amazing series! I love Hunter X Hunter!

blucy1 blucy1 Sep 11, 2016
Happy don't take over Gon. Now got back to fairy tail and make Nalu happen
KCS1305 KCS1305 Dec 04, 2016
littleMrsKillua littleMrsKillua Jul 25, 2016
Oh my little baby Jesus! Gon....... Have u finally seen the world for what it is?!?!  AKA: gross stuffs
Kana_Hanzieki Kana_Hanzieki Jul 04, 2016
My heart very cold and dark
                              My soul   .........I don't have one
                              My life      ..........I dont have one that's on this planet
                              Human   ..........who said I was one?
                              Well goodbye fellow humans
                              Until next time
HikaruNiko HikaruNiko Nov 29, 2016
Oh gosh I don't even know what to say so I'm just gonna keep reading now
VeNixe_dbest VeNixe_dbest Oct 07, 2016
Lol I would expect killua to hate (y/n) at first cause Gon hangs with (y/n) more than him but at the end they ended up together cause 4 a reason...I'm making a book of dis.