How Does Your Garden Grow

How Does Your Garden Grow

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Dan Maurer By DanMaurer Updated Dec 23, 2014

When Detective John Harper learns that Lilly Sumner, his dead daughter’s best friend, has been found delirious, covered in someone else’s blood, and mumbling fragments of a nursery rhyme, he must unravel the strangest, darkest case of his crumbling career. 

At the heart of this mystery lies a fragile teenage girl, left adrift since the sudden death of her closest friend; a disgraced police detective, shattered by the loss of his daughter and the disintegration of his marriage; and a retired school teacher whose walled garden hides not only her bitter heart, but the dark secret that makes her garden grow.

This tale is about the events of a single week, told through multiple points of view along staggered time lines. It promises to take the reader on a wild ride toward an inevitable, yet stunning conclusion.


Five chapters of my completed work, the dark thiller "Snow Day" is also available on wattpad.  The complete story is available on ( 


Dan Maurer is an independent author, screenwriter, theater director, and digital marketer. He is also a proud member of International Thriller Writers, Inc and the Horror Writers Association. Throughout his career in publishing and marketing, he has been involved in the publication of bestselling titles such as John Grisham's "The Firm', Richard Price's "Clockers", and Jim Lovell and Jeffrey Kluger's "Lost Moon", which became the film "Apollo 13'. As a digital marker, he has supported popular publishing brands including Curious George, Peterson Field Guides, and The Polar Express.

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to_tired_for_life to_tired_for_life Apr 20, 2018
Very very good. First time in years I have really enjoyed reading. I'm starting to write now too. Be sure to check out what I'm starting. I'm a beginner so be easy. It's called haunted heatt
to_tired_for_life to_tired_for_life Apr 20, 2018
Very very good I will be reading more stuff from you if there is more
thiswriterlives thiswriterlives Sep 11, 2016
I love how you describe Detective Harper's emotions toward his dead daughter. "A slap to the face" is very strong. Thanks for sharing! I like it so far!
elidahle elidahle Nov 27, 2013
I love a good mystery and yours sounds great.  I like that it's set in the past.  I'm new to the site and posted my works and am now creating a reading list.  This is at the top.  Keep adding!
DanMaurer DanMaurer Jul 31, 2013
@EviganLover87  Thanks Sarah.  I have a lot more written, but I'm going to wait until I can pull the story threads together a little more before posting.  In the meantime, you might want to check out the other story I have posted called "Snow Day" at
ADCxoDPC ADCxoDPC Jul 31, 2013
Very good start, it's quite eerie and I'm liking Agnes already :)