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Meeting Percabeth

Meeting Percabeth

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persassy_is_loyal15 By persassy_is_loyal15 Updated Mar 22

Everyone has seen these. There are a lot. Okay, more than a lot. But this is my version. Of course Percy and Annabeth will be madly in love. Of course there will be fluff. Of course there are many of these stories out there. Yes, you read these all the time. But I thought I would take a stab at it. Pun very much intended.

 This story will now also include a series of one shots I am calling Reading Percabeth. It is basically the demigods and maybe mortals reading some Percabeth moments from the books. 

Am I a guy? No. 
Am I an amazing writer? No. 
Do I own Percy Jackson? No. 
Obviously I am not Rick Riordan. 
Percy Jackson and other characters besides my originals are owned by Uncle Rick.

apjofan76 apjofan76 May 15
That statement is technically correct, since she'll never in a gajillion years date him, so he'll never be able to control who she hangs out with
It's kind of a mix the per from perry the c from pierce and the y from perry Percy
acat1123 acat1123 Apr 26
You can't control her, or who she's friends with you butt face
You can't control her, I bet lady Artemis would have something to say to you.
First of all you will Never and I mean never date Annabeth and even if you did you can't tell her what to do or "let her" do anything you can't Control her and you can't date her so don't be a sexist pig 
                              (Ps to the writer this was in no way meant to be rude to you 😀
apjofan76 apjofan76 May 15
The stuff that Percy does is in love an totally cute. But when you do it , it's just plane creepy.