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Curiosity Harmed the Black Bird. Severus Snape {Complete}

Curiosity Harmed the Black Bird. Severus Snape {Complete}

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Wizardly_Markiplier By Wizardly_Markiplier Completed

Fourteen Year old Amortia Black was just a regular Hogwarts student now, for some at least. She, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, And Ronald Weasley helped her father escape from the Dementors even knowing that they were near expulsion not to mention the Dementors kiss. Her Godfather Remus Lupin, was a werewolf; and she was sent to live with him after her father being unknown in her life for so long. She is now entering her fourth year at Hogwarts when the Tri-Wizard Tournament took place, she is having problems with her love life considering the man she is in love with happens to be 3 times older then she is. What happens when something unexpected happens? How will they deal with not only the ministry wanting to question her but also Death Eaters? Most of all Will her Curiosity take over and let her be open about the Bat she fell hopelessly in love with..?
All rights reserved to the beautiful J.K Rowling, along with various parts of the plot and Characters. I own Amortia and all other self-created characters

le_holy_trinity le_holy_trinity Nov 24, 2016
Snape is being so sassy😂😂
                              *Snaps sassily in a Z formation*
MidnightWolfUnigon MidnightWolfUnigon Mar 13, 2016
when does sev begin to loooooooooove her? wait no. five year old voice. 
                              wen does uncle sev start to wuv her? *innocent smile*
- - Oct 15, 2015
Ommmmmmmmmggggggggggg yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaàasssssssssssss iiii need this in my life omg I love it hoooolllllyyyyyy craaaaaappppppppp