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Forgetting the Past (Natsu x Reader)

Forgetting the Past (Natsu x Reader)

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🖤Yoshimi-sama🖤 By yoshimisama Updated Feb 07

After watching the Grand Magic Games (F/N) was amazed by how strong Fairy Tail was. Although one mage stuck out to her the most, Natsu Dragneel. After joining the guild and making new friends, (F/N) got to know her crush more and more and when the time was right she finally decided to confess her feelings to the pink headed boy. How will Natsu react to the sudden confession? Not long after (F/N)'s confession 'someone' appears back to the guild. 

WARNING: This story will contain sensitive topics about weight, appearance, and (not a lot) bullying. If you can't handle that then this book is not for you. 

Published: May 24, 2016

Now I wanna cry because not only did you make both mine and everyone elses day/night, but you made me feel better about myself.
snakegirl67 snakegirl67 Dec 16, 2016
You just made my day by writing that!! Thank you so much mostly I think I'm to fat to be good enough to have friends but you made me feel a little bit better of myself👍💖
Glad you're not like other authors the chubby girls are cute as hell they're like freakin plushies (what kinda person would I be if I didn't have a bit of gay on me)
PizzaChihuahua PizzaChihuahua Dec 03, 2016
I like the theme that your trying to show it makes me feel a lot better about about myself! Thank you😄😄😄
MagiQueen MagiQueen Sep 16, 2016
I'm not thinking my character as chubby I can't.  I'm not used to it