Baby Boy ✧ Lashton

Baby Boy ✧ Lashton

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Lashton By 5soslashton_ Updated Apr 12, 2017

Everyone at age 15 takes a test to determine if they are Submissive or dominant. At age 16, you are taken from your parents and shipped off to a BDSM school. Once finished school at 18 you are paired with a dominant. 

Side of Malum


Polish translation on calum_connors page. 

German translation on Turnstraightforcalum page.

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criariver criariver Jul 23, 2017
Why does my mind go to Blood on the Dance Floor when I read S and D?😅😅
SarcasticBookworm22 SarcasticBookworm22 Jul 25, 2017
This sounds weird but funny. Like idk, it sounds like an adoption for a puppy of something g.
LashtonIsMyPassion LashtonIsMyPassion Dec 12, 2016
Tbh I think I'm bi because I know I like guys but then there's some girls that make me question myself cause personalities is what I love about a person and some girls Ik have amazing ones
SoSowwy SoSowwy May 08, 2016
i honestly have no idea why i'm so ready to read this, i need therapy
hqppypie hqppypie Oct 27, 2016
I weight more than him 😂😂😂😂LOL sorry not sorry, fries are too good
Crossmyheart18 Crossmyheart18 Apr 03, 2016
This Actually caught my attention so I hope it keeps it Great concept just hope You can execute it