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The New Kid | pjm•kth

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»빛« By cheejicake Updated Feb 05, 2016

It all started when he met the new kid 


VMIN with slight daejae, it's not really a main part of the story


cheejicake original storyline:

This story and ideas in it are completely made up from my messed up brain so any similarities are either coincidence or there's someone in the world who thinks like me. I don't believe in copying other writers work

Hezlmin Hezlmin Oct 13, 2016
What a smart Bam Bam xD
                              Jimin's heart has been stolen by Kim Tae xD
Aha.. I'm currently 2 weeks in the A.R.M.Y and I'm shipping VMin so hard ;; I don't ship anything else yet no ships seem to sail unlike VMin for me T_T BUT STILL I LOVE THIS SO FAR 🙌🏻
gOLdenHYUngHOBi gOLdenHYUngHOBi Oct 13, 2016
I was originally vhope then vkook. Then I shipped every single ship in bts. But vmin is my otp