A Handful of Thank You's (A Laurmau FF)

A Handful of Thank You's (A Laurmau FF)

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Onrain By Wolfie_Ookami Completed

As Laurance comes closer to me, he wraps me in his arms and hugs me.

"I'll never leave you,"

Hi guys Wolfie here this is my very first Laurmau book so yeah. Find out how I put this to make Aphmau and Laurance fall in love together in "A Handful of Thank You's A Laurmau Fanfiction" and this is my way of how I would want things to go.

I do not own any of the original characters all of those characters belong to a YouTuber called Aphmau/Jess.

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TM_Runner TM_Runner Jul 06, 2017
Well if we're calling people what they are, we should call you a dick head 🙃
FangirlPotato666 FangirlPotato666 Jul 10, 2017
And aphmau. She can lift a hella demonic blade straight outta the nether
AphmauFan050 AphmauFan050 Aug 14, 2016
If you bully Aphmau boys come here and I put a sword in your face
DracoTheWeirdo DracoTheWeirdo Aug 21, 2016
Yo you bully anyone I care about or even anyone I don't
                              And if I see
                              Imma be mad
                              Imma punch you in the face
                              And leave
                              If you continue for some dumb reason
                              I will do it again
                              If you do it a third time..
                              Imma go full on Shadow Knight on you
                              So seriously
                              Don't bully
Pieguycool Pieguycool Jul 29, 2016
A 7/8 year old should not be held against the fact that they can't lift a SWORD! Also STOP CUTTING THE FREAKING ONIONS!
PugDaddy PugDaddy Jan 29, 2017
Kid, I'm gonna kick you right in your balls. So back the f*** off XDD