Touch Me ✔

Touch Me ✔

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Caitlin By CaitSarai Updated Aug 07, 2016

[Completed] ''I was born in flames and chaos. In one moment, I didn't exist at all. In another, air was tearing through the flesh of my lungs.''

Deep in an unknown forest, a young woman woke up alone and confused. She had no knowledge of her past, what she was, or who she was. Why was she in this world at all?

Fate drove her into the hands of a family of vampires, all of whom brought relief in the slightest touch of her skin. But their touch was more than addicting. With each stroke, mysterious etches appeared on her flesh, divulging information thought to be lost to the world; information of magic, power, and a viciously murdered coven of witches. 

With no past and an uncertain future, she must find out her purpose in this life before the supernatural world takes her for all she has to give. Even more so, she must attempt to understand a craving she has for the dangerous vampire family she's found herself enslaved to; a craving to be touched.

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{{Warning: Some scenes may be unsuitable for audiences below the age of 15 and offensive to those of all ages. Read at your own risk.}}

This story is a multi-lover romance novel. Proceed with caution because it will get heated!

Highest Ranking: #2 in Vampire

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bostonisawesome13 bostonisawesome13 Sep 22, 2017
I just wanted to say this is my 3rd time reading this story and it is also my number one favorite story on wattpad in general. Thank you so much for writing this!!
vip_blink_incle vip_blink_incle Dec 13, 2017
I will be offended so I will gladly not read this book... Still love you author and will read your other works...
yourewack yourewack Oct 25, 2017
Oh this is new.. I gotta catch up on my facts. *goes and Google search reverse-harem*
yourewack yourewack Oct 25, 2017
LuvZarai LuvZarai 5 days ago
I LOVE BOOKS LIKE THAT 😩😩😩 If anyone is reading or has read good reverse-harem, help your girl out. 😤
Queen_Of_Hell15 Queen_Of_Hell15 Sep 03, 2017
F*ck yes!!!! We need more of these on Wattpad. I love you, my new fav author