Being His Physical Therapist || Odell Beckham Jr. Romance #Wattys2016

Being His Physical Therapist || Odell Beckham Jr. Romance #Wattys2016

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"It started off like we hated each other. We literally never said more than ten words to one another everytime we met for a session. I felt a little uncomfortable around him unlike the other athletes I worked with. Then he  gradually became used to my presence while recovering from his injury. I think I made Odell Beckham Jr. fall in love with me by being his physical therapist..."

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santiixo santiixo Mar 08
uh uh matt forte from the bears is def my baby😩 orrrre corry wootton..i think he plays for the lions now
daelynn1 daelynn1 Jun 18
When she first mentioned her date I was like I gonna picture him as michael ealy
ChiefNneka ChiefNneka Jul 29
Doesn't Russell Wilson look like Carlton from fresh prince or is it just me?
DatNiggaN DatNiggaN Jul 22
Don't make me snap ma fingers in a Z formation, talk to the hand cause the face is on faction
DatNiggaN DatNiggaN Jul 22
😂😂 He Finna get dat puhh and she Finna get dat dihh 😂😂😂
Tay___Tay Tay___Tay Jul 25
Daaammmnnnn Micheal Ealy is waaaayyyy to fine it's to much I can't take it ✌🏽️😵❤️