Curves: An Alpha Story

Curves: An Alpha Story

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Sharna By knackahz Updated Jan 21

Dylan Rhymes is a slightly overweight, but an Ordinary teenage girl, facing Ordinary teenage dilemmas 

Until one fateful day when she finally meets her best friends brother, Noah; the next in line to be Alpha of the Kindred Moon Pack.

Dylan refuses to believe in the possibility of werewolves even though the evidence is building up in front of her. 

Her efforts to avoid Noah and his pack dont last very long at all and she realises theres no running away from him. Especially when she finds out secrets about her own past.

When a war breaks out between Noah's pack and a rival pack, Dylan gets mixed up in a world she doesn't understand, but a world where she feels a sense of belonging

I'm so glad this book has a realistic size for someone considered "overweight". Cause if I read another story where a girl was a size 7 and thought she was fat and about 100 pounds I was going to scream.
It's one thing to talk about me but the minute you call my best friend out my name I'm beating the shît out of you. Point. Blank. period.
Goooo. Go best friend that's my best that's my best friend 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Heyyy dont skinny shame even if they deserve it actually dont body shame at all maybe use other words like ugly aßs plastic face etc idek
Now that I would be loud for... I'm usually a quiet person but THAT deserves a whole fvcking cheer routine!
He is just really screwing with her then isn't he. Loving caring boyfriend one minute and then... *looks around and points in random direction* Oh! Look there he is sucking off some chicks face!