Caught RedHanded: LoverBoys

Caught RedHanded: LoverBoys

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Yugi Mutou, Leader of an organization called, "RedHanded", recieved an urgent  call that someone had been stealing so many merchandises; it's hard to find out who. Mai Valentines, the manager, believes that the person who is helping the 'sneaky rat' is one of her employees. Just when they were close to capturing him; three people came and interfered by accident. Making them lose their target in frustration.

But maybe, just maybe. The Hikaris might have caught something much more important than their thieving target. Who could they be? Find out more in, 

"Caught RedHanded: LoverBoys"!

Hope you enjoy it! ❤️❤️❤️

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pokemon123789 pokemon123789 Feb 10, 2017
                              They're running from someone because they payed for something
PernicoIsMyOTP PernicoIsMyOTP Oct 26, 2015
*reads title of story* *raises an eyebrow* Oh? You've peaked my interest, author-chan