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binka_indian By binka_indian Completed

"What did you say?", he asked with quite surprise and amusement in his tone.
"I love you aadi",i said feebly and weakly.
"WHAT!!!",this time he nearly shouted..with a bit of anger in his voice .
"I SAID I LOVE YOU AADI !! I.....LOVE...YOU(this time i shouted)!Did you here it properly now?", i said.
Suddenly,he started lauging like a maniac..."Did u ever look at your face in the mirror....ohh i forgot! Is your family even able to afford a mirror?how did u even dare to confess to me...if possible dont ever show me ur tramp face again",he said!
"Please...please just...!",i start to plead.
"Leave...NOW!",he shouted and i was in tears!
It started raining,aadi pinned my hands above my head against the car. He had trapped me, his scent overwhelming my senses. I closed my eyes as he got closer and turned my head away. His lips connected with my jawbone instead, he made the most of it and trailed tiny butterfly kisses down my neck and collarbone. He smiled faintly at my gasp of reaction, he lowered the other one to my face and gently pulled my face to face him. He skillfully closed the gap between us devouring my lips and stealing all my ability to think. Without giving a second thought to what I was doing I arched my body into his and kissed him back.He let go of my trapped hands so his could go other places n i pulled him closer.
"I love you my angel",he said in between the kiss...."what !" ,i asked!.."I SAID I LOVE YOU ANGEL",he replied.
I pushed him with all my force..."Angel Please...just please",he said weakly......"Leave Aadi , NOW", i shouted and turned back..through the side window i could see he had tears in his eyes!!
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alexaweston alexaweston May 13, 2016
I don't know but I feel she's like me!!! Seriously, I also do these kind of things!!!
alexaweston alexaweston May 13, 2016
Loved the chappie. I think I got addicted to this book from the very first chapter^_^
BeautifulPari BeautifulPari Oct 07, 2016
You mean she's his wife n she dosent even know? This para confused me
anyworth anyworth Jan 21, 2016
Plz don't do it..u are so much cooler than addi ...u r THE ONLY SCHOLARSHIP HOLDER...
kris_sean kris_sean Dec 10, 2015
Woow...really stunned with the dream and reality....its great.
ed2wfu ed2wfu Nov 20, 2015
Adding this to my list for sure! Have my vote, you deserve it! I really want to find out what happens next! Incredible work.