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Alissa Argent!| Book 1| Stiles Stilinski

Alissa Argent!| Book 1| Stiles Stilinski

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Doodle_Romance. By MARYAMMOHAMED89 Completed

Being Allison Argent's Twin sister is kind of hard because she is 1 minute older than me so that's makes her better. She is a good sister and I love her to bits so I am not always upset that people think she's better! My sister doesn't know about the supernatural world but I do because I found out by accident. From then on my dad trained me to become a good fighter so I can handle myself against Werewolves. We decided that Allison is not ready so we will tell her later. Our parents heard that there  are Werewolves in Beacon Hills, So they decided to move us from San Francisco to Beacon hills.
  Now we patrol the woods at night looking for the Werewolves we heard about. Allison has met this boy Called Scott on the first day school. To me he looks Suspicious, so I am going to keep my eye on him. There is this friend he has that he is always with. His name is Stiles  Stilinski and he has a nice buzz cut. As I get to know him, I find out that  he is really smart and uses sarcasm a lot. Well I have to get used to it as he is Scott's friend and I know for a fact that I will be seeing more of the both of them.
  Season 1 of Teen wolf.
  This is a Stiles love story but it wont happen until later on but you will see Alissa and Stiles relationship grow.
  I don't own teen wolf, I only own my character Alissa Argent.
  I hope you Enjoy this book!
  peace out, Maryam.

denisem_97 denisem_97 Jan 31
I always thought that line was a man I shouldn't have slammed my body into your car
TiimmyTurner29 TiimmyTurner29 Oct 19, 2016
Fr, it was really good, made me want to read it more actually😂