Daddy Gets High

Daddy Gets High

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boybands77 By boybands77 Updated Dec 25, 2015

But daddy takes care of business.

An AU where Harry is a stripper and Louis is passer through that becomes more regular.


Cover made by the amazing @whinniethemuke

AlexGoesRawr101 AlexGoesRawr101 Sep 19, 2016
Lol this reminds me of Ashley's dad from Degrassi the next gen.
SmolPlisetsky SmolPlisetsky Nov 06, 2016
All these comments and the title. How did I not expect daddy kink in this. Oh wait. I did ;P
Girlpower679 Girlpower679 Sep 17, 2016
I'm 13 and named Danielle and I said I wanna be named Daniellea and my nana told me that's a stripper name and I was like ...THEN ILL BE A STRIPPER lol but idk maybe I'm to self conscious to be one
KiingJamiie KiingJamiie 2 days ago
Don't be ashamed 
                              Strippers make more money than most paying jobs do
HowlingWolf019 HowlingWolf019 Dec 21, 2016
Bruh, y'all make hundreds of dollars for like an hour, how are you in a budget
Girlpower679 Girlpower679 Sep 17, 2016
So he's a prostitute??? Stripper...okay cool 
                              Prostitute .... Um no