The Masters Family

The Masters Family

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But I don't wanna move there Mumma, I like my room here," I say softly as Mumma takes a bunch of my things and puts them in a suit case. 

"You have to Calum, it's time for you to. You'll still live here sweets but mainly you will be there," 

I pout looking up at her. 

"But they're, scary," I mumble. 

"You'll be fine, just don't get them angry you know the rules Calum," 

Mumma takes the rest of my things and packs them away, she holds her hand out to me and I take it. 

I see Dad waiting for us outside with the cart. Now we start our trip to The Hemmings Castle.

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KimCazarez KimCazarez Jul 29
I have a playlist made from songs that were in reign that blends into this perfectly 💕.
                              I'm prepared this time
emmab_0265 emmab_0265 Jul 27
Oooh they're 15 now, they be gettin 'feelings' and 'urges' 😏😏😏
KimCazarez KimCazarez Jul 29
I've watched reign twice, and now I'm ready and can invision this.
mikkiblue mikkiblue Jul 14, 2016
Going for round two with this series! These are my favorite books forever. ❤️❤️❤️
flicker474 flicker474 Jan 20
You guys are re reading and I've NEVER seen these books, EVER.
Pretty sure this is my 3rd time reading these books, thank you for not making it a short story