The Ultimate CASANOVA HEARTTHROB meets The Bad ,Bitch, Campus queen.

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KawaiMaryjean By KIJAIMARYJEAN Updated 2 years ago
The story of a two people . who are different from each other..
    The Ultimate casanova heartthrob and also the the son of the 2nd riches of the world will gonna meet the Bad Bitch Campus queen and also the daugther of the 1st riches of the world Yes ! 1st because her family owns a lots of bussiness
    she really is a man hater.. you will know in the future chapters
    they will meet in the Unexpected place , time , day .
    hheheheh..You will Know if you read it.. :) ^_____^
Uhm :D Payo ko lang ha ? Maganda yung story :D
                                    Uhm .. Sana next time i double check mo lang ulet yung grammar mo :) tapos yung pag kakatype . Ayusin para mas lalong maintindihan :)
Hahahaha :) bet na bet :) perfect couple yan pag nag ka taon haha :)
hahhahahahah watta nice story nakaka THRILL lyk it nah!!!hahhahaah