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Only Girl In The World (Completed)

Only Girl In The World (Completed)

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Clara Ricks By clararicks1 Completed

What Jacob has made her into? How is she to fight the beasts and save her people when she's herself  one!
  "You're my mate, and you know I can't let you go, Belle," Jacob's voice, his breaths were soon fanning down the back of her neck, signalling that he had stepped much closer to her again. "We can't let you go. You're our precious princess..., we can't live without you. I love you, Belle, we all love you!"
  Jacob's breath tickling across the back of her neck made her shudder in pleasure. This uncontrollable sense of pleasure, warmth and... love, it all made her want to stay back, forget yet again what she had just remembered and go back to the days she didn't have her memories - her past.
  "I want to stay," was her slow murmur.
  Jacob breathed in relief, almost. Because her next words then crashed him down, completely.
  "But... I can't, because you don't lie to who you call your precious, Jacob. You don't lie to who you love." Her voice was back to cold again and so was her resolve.
  Holding her arm frantically, Jacob whirled her around to face him. "I can give you anything," he looked desperate and in the brink of insanity. "I will give you anything, do everything that you tell me to, just name it."
  Kristin didn't jerk away from his hold this time, she looked at him searching, calculating. All in a freezing way.
  "Then I ask you to let me go."
  He knew this was the final nail of this coffin, the coffin that would hold his love. 
  Infinite howls echoed around in the woods, as the pack grieved, for their only girl - who'd at last remembered her past and rejected the life they gave her. She would leave them, and they knew their world would never be the same again.
  But they had yet to discover that from this ashes now something momentous shall rise.
  *Not a typical werewolf story.*

up2meonly up2meonly Oct 26, 2016
OMG 😲 a WOMAN, those things are instinct, where did you find it 😂
riddikulus21 riddikulus21 Dec 29, 2015
Concept is very different n interesting. 
                              and im really excited to read more.
riddikulus21 riddikulus21 Dec 29, 2015
Wow. Great start. Already thousand questions are running in my mind.
luna_raven_coma luna_raven_coma Dec 19, 2015
OMG!! I cried when I played the YouTube video... you have great music taste
chandiniebinda chandiniebinda Nov 03, 2015
Awesome chapter....
                              It was really good...
                              Poor Jacob he tries soo hard still his pack doesnt have manners.. :P
                              Aaawwww the last part was cute...
                              Where the 4 guys were happy like a child in christmas....
                              We Found A Women... Ahahaha...
                              Amazing update...
chandiniebinda chandiniebinda Nov 03, 2015
Awesome start...
                              It was just tooo good...
                              I really like this concept... :D
                              Cant wait to read this storyy...
                              Alll the best... :D