An Alpha To Claim And Love

An Alpha To Claim And Love

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With a steady breath, I focused on all my obstacles. Fallen trees, big dead branches, roots sticking up, everything I could see. Suddenly, from behind me, shuffling was heard and an amazing smell caught my attention and as much as I want to turn around and continue taking in the intoxicating scent, I had to get ready for the run. Crouching down, I counted down to myself. I breathed in. "Five." And out. "Four." And in. "Three." Out. "Two." In. Then I sprinted off, "One."

Leena Rykal is a seventeen year old senior in high school who keeps to herself, but backfires when poked. She lives with her grandparents after the separation of her parents.

A big secret was hidden from her for years and when she found out what it was, she accepts it since her life has been a "reck" from the beginning. But little did she know, what came with the secret was bigger than she could ever imagine.

Florence Dante Willows is a devilishly handsome a hundred and twenty seven year old werewolf King, standing at five feet eight inches with godlike protruding muscles from his backside to his front. He's been waiting to find his mate and when he does, things go more rough than he thought.

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Sassico1313 Sassico1313 Nov 22, 2017
I like that a lot. But I think it’s more about being a good, strong person rather than wife.
Deannastylish Deannastylish Dec 19, 2017
OML MY NAMES DEANNA LOL😊...wait......a......second...IMA GRANDMA 😮
berriefairy berriefairy Jun 18, 2017
Five -seven and five-eight is how we define tall girl......i am saying tall girl here not very tall....and he is a man...five-eight is average
booklover22633 booklover22633 Aug 18, 2017
This might just kill me but I have to read. I love your books so far
Rhianne88 Rhianne88 Aug 13, 2017
My doctors fat, ugly and a complete arrogant arsehole!! He had the nerve to tell me I needed to loose Weight 2 months after giving birth!! Luckily at my doctors it's rare if you actually see your own doctor, it's more of a 'see whichever doctor if free' surgery!!
PetraPanther PetraPanther Apr 28, 2017
I wish my doctor would hit on me. We're about the same age and God he's so yummy.