Chat // Grayson Dolan

Chat // Grayson Dolan

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"I really want to see you in person."

"I really want to touch you."

"I really want to feel you."

Song for this book: Atlas by Shannon Saunders

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grethanbitch grethanbitch 6 days ago
it’s going to be your fault if you end up having a bunch of viruses
SupDxlan SupDxlan Apr 19
Kk means cancer in Dutch, it’s like a slang i hate it, but everytime someone in a fanfic says “Kk” I’m like bitch wtf
i saw this website in a book called “wanna go private” and the girl ended up getting raped :/
-wonderfvl -wonderfvl Apr 29
she better have been listening to sweatshirt or ill beat someone’s ass
pinkie pie flutter shy apple pie lmao idk those words popped in my head 😂
my bro who’s 22 uses facebook. everyone younger than him have insta but i have facebook and it’s honestly better than insta ngl