Chat // Grayson Dolan

Chat // Grayson Dolan

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i aM eThAN By DolanTwins1999 Completed

"I really want to see you in person."

"I really want to touch you."

"I really want to feel you."

Song for this book: Atlas by Shannon Saunders

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XxSophiaSlaysHunnyxX XxSophiaSlaysHunnyxX Dec 30, 2017
:)))) Accurate depiction of my double chins, Eric, Marty, and Patty
Jessica209ily Jessica209ily Dec 26, 2017
Does someone here love supernatural?? With Dean and Sam Winchester my love of life lmao
dolandxddy dolandxddy Dec 29, 2017
my bff would be like “my little shithead is sick”😂😂
Wassup_Bri Wassup_Bri Dec 31, 2017
2 things ...
                              1. “I’m in love with a vampire” tf this ain’t twilight 
                              2. TF ARE WEAR-PHONES
emilielynn__ emilielynn__ Dec 29, 2017
my mom would run up being like "you think u can yell at me? bitch"
GraysLeftLobe GraysLeftLobe 2 days ago
My mom would’ve told me to get my bitchh asssss up and get to school