Chat // Grayson Dolan

Chat // Grayson Dolan

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"I really want to see you in person."

"I really want to touch you."

"I really want to feel you."

Song for this book: Atlas by Shannon Saunders

Mary_f04 Mary_f04 Sep 09
Why does everyone think it stands for "Daddy"? It "daddybettermakemechoke" duhhhhhhhhh
Y'all English wasn't her first language so just chill ok we r here to support eachother
Oh here let me just send you a link where pedophiles and perverts can track you down and jerk off to your shoulders!!
Mary_f04 Mary_f04 Sep 08
Are you a grandma........hmmmmm, that explains it. You're a grandma!
brooketaylorkier brooketaylorkier 7 days ago
My mom would send me to school even if I'm half dying with a disease
dolansflix dolansflix 16 hours ago
My mum would say “if you’re that sick school will send you home”