Forever shameless

Forever shameless

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Rowen By moodymonster8 Completed

So I looked up shameless fanfics and there isn't many about lip. So here it is maybe this story was written for you or maybe it was written for me. That's for you to choose. 

Mel short for Amelia lives the hard like in Southside Chicago. Born with two loving parents. Amelia's mom dies when she gets into a car accident. Amelia's father is so heart broken and angry that he starts to mistreat Mel in horrid ways that can't be described. Mel takes up with the abuse until she is 10 and she runs away to her best-friends house lip Gallagher. Mel doesn't tell lip but she tells Fiona about what her father has been doing for the past five years. Fiona calls the cops and takes Mel Into the family. Mel's father gets sent to jail where he spends his next twenty five years locked away. 
What will happen when lips little crush on mel comes to the surface?

Disclaimer. I do not own shameless U.S  all rights go to the incredible creator of shameless. I don't own any of the characters except for Amelia.

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RoweenaJ RoweenaJ May 31, 2017
Jeez Steve what 16 year old in this day and age doesn't know about sex? 😑
Rehdsky Rehdsky Jun 07, 2017
I LEGIT thought it was a board game but no the story was like " SIKE, B*TCH YOU THOUGHT"
WeAreAllFree WeAreAllFree Jul 14, 2016
Fukin lovin this shat!!! There NEEDS to be A LOT or action between them
moodymonster8 moodymonster8 Oct 22, 2015
Well that's why I started writing it was because I love shameless and there's no good ones that aren't about Carl like wtf. He's not the only character.
MayaLivinChillin MayaLivinChillin Oct 22, 2015
Finally a Shameless Fanfic.
                              Wtf it's like people don't even know what cable is saying they never seen it when its like the awesomest 
                              Show ever