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The Writer's Heartbreak ( completed)

The Writer's Heartbreak ( completed)

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VioletDoge By VioletDoge Completed

"YOU ARE MINE" Blake said. He had his arm around my neck preventing me from escaping. "Get off me you psycho!" I shouted while struggling to get free. "Blake think about what your doing!" Danny said while slowly coming closer. "DON'T COME ANY CLOSER MUTT!" Blake ordered. " You are my mate and no one else have you! MINE!" his wolf said.
With that, his eyes turned black and his canines elongates. "Only mine..." he whispers and brought his fangs down upon my neck. "NOOOO!" was the last thing I heard before everything went dark.

The day where Scarlet's dream comes true turns to her worst nightmare. Blake Bennett her alpha and mate rejected and humiliated her in front of her pack. Her heart felt like it was being gutted out trampled on. 
Unable to cope with the rejection, Scarlet fled and plans on suicide until she was found by Danny Walker. 
3 years have passed, they both are a couple having a relatively normal life. They live in an apartment with the humans. Scarlet is a writer, she publishes her own books while Danny is an accountant. Everything is happy and dandy until one day she got a letter from her family asking her to visit them. Scarlet misses her family like crazy and wants to meet them but will she be able to go back to the place where all her memories of the rejection and humiliation has taken place? Will she be able to face Blake?
Give the book a try :)
Forgive me for there are loads of mistakes. I'm pain painstakingly slow on editing them.

iloveyooh143 iloveyooh143 Feb 02, 2015
I just started to write a new book. Could you please go check it out and tell me what you think? It's called "Broken" thanks.  
bookwriter795 bookwriter795 Jul 14, 2013
It's a good book but you might want to consider revising and editing because there are SO many grammar and punctuation mistakes but other than that it was good. :)