Cuffed by Will

Cuffed by Will

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Special thanks to Myea @dissuade for the beautiful cover and everything else you've done for me.

When Clara Penn's most closest friend and almost father, Marvin Copper passed away, she thought the funeral would be the last thing she would ever see in connection to the Copper Family. However, Marvin had other plans, even from beyond the grave.

To save his father's legacy, Ezra Copper wants the inheritance all to himself and far away from the clutches of his brother, Jeremiah.  But when the only way to claim everything lies in a stupidly twisted will their father made, will it be possible for him to do so?

To their dismay, Ezra and Clara need to bear with each other's flaws and imperfections for a whole month and forever after that as well. But their patience will be tested since the Will demands they be cuffed, literally, for a whole month and then get married on the basis of true love. Will they learn to accept each other or will Marvin's last wishes be their undoing?

Highest rank: #120 in Romance (A huge thank you to all of you. It may not seem like much but it means a lot to me c: ❤ )

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Aleah_babii Aleah_babii Oct 17, 2015
I love how your book is so descriptive and detailed. Also your pkit is a different plot and I love. Please keep doing it it is great
dissuade dissuade Oct 16, 2015
vi you're the bomb I need to read Chapter 2 asap but parents ugh ;-; I'll be back