Rejected ? Um okay

Rejected ? Um okay

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I Mathew Hayes Future Alpha of the Catern sion pack Reject you Casey Dawson daughter of demon queen and werewolf father 

Um okay I say shrugging my shoulder not really caring for the rejection but my mother she was livid 

WHAT my mother screams letting her true form show 

mom chill I Casey Dawson daughter of the demon queen and werewolf father accept the rejection from future Alpha of the Catern sion pack  I say accepting the rejection physically and emotionally because if I didn't do both it would come back to haunt me you know with the oh if you don't accept it fully you'll feel your mate have sex and all that 

um okay well see you later or whatever I say grabbing nmy mom and dads hand pulling them away before they go berserk

P.s Major editing needed will eventually get to it.

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Izayaaronn Izayaaronn Jun 17
Weird eyes. Don't bother me much in book  Bc irl mine are unnatural  tbh
jelsawolf jelsawolf Mar 12
*Dad in the back ground having a heart attack cause of what he said*
Drusilla_Blackfire Drusilla_Blackfire Dec 25, 2016
In a serious moment and your worried about the food???
                              Hell yeah girl that would have been my first thought... My sandwich 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Same as me tho 😂😂 like idc how long it is. I think when ppl pronounce the entire name its sooo cute lel (foreign tongue twister names dont count tho lmao)
Drusilla_Blackfire Drusilla_Blackfire Dec 25, 2016
I'm not gonna lie.  I make that threat almost everyday for people picking with me... But I give you glare that will make your soul shrivel up and die...
Glad to finally see a book that doesn't over exaggerate someone's eye color. c: this is actually the first book ever in the entire year ive been on wattpad tbh