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Are you pondering in the skies, staring at the stars, wondering and asking, one simple question: Why is this book entitled Clueless? That's because you're about to meet a girl named Lindsay who never experienced being in a real school before and is clueless of her surroundings, particularly everything.

Sounds impossible right? But this girl ain't no ordinary girl. She's a cool girl who can solve any problem she faces.

 With enemies like Rachel and Aaron, with some of the best, and the worst, could she possibly overcome her shortcoming in school? 

Rachel has the Clueless book. This book contains the school's gossips, dirt, rumors, documents, important stuffs and other secret files to gather about what's happening in the school. It also has, something, very, powerful, a terrible secret, meant to be buried forever, that if discovered and placed on the wrong hands, it could tear the school apart, or the world at large.

For Lindsay to bring justice in this school, she must honor her lost friends, steal forbidden documents, go on a perilous mission with her friends, cure her shortcoming in school, rebel against the school community, and she must survive from the evil plans of the joined forces of Rachel and Aaron, and the whole school.

This story depicts the struggles and dilemmas, as well as the love and friendship of today's youth, while dealing with a harsh educational environment that emphasized competition between grades and popularity. 

This story doesn't only exhibit true life events, but it also presents the mixture of reality and a pinch of supernaturalism, resulting in a fascinating story.

 Read this book, and find out who is the most superior student in class, the greatest, supreme, king or queen bee.

Part 1- Chapters 1-30
Part 2- Chapters 31-60
Part 3- Chapters 61-75

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