2. NCT: You're not my type(Taeyong fanfic)

2. NCT: You're not my type(Taeyong fanfic)

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Bubblelovegum By Bubblelovegum Updated Nov 11

"You're not my type you're ugly, fat, and have an annoying voice.  I don't like you" he muttered as he stared into my eyes.  Tears brimmed my eyes and my cheeks turned into crimson.  I'm so humiliated.  I wiped my tears as my breathing became hitched.

"You know what? You're not my type either.  Why would I like a cold, mean and arrogant person who degrades people based on appearance? I don't think anyone would.  People only like you because of your looks...nothing more.  You're not even talented as well hahahaha.  You call that rapping? Trust me........".

To be continued.......

Please tell she's hot at dacing like the music says "open your eyes" (NCT U - 7th sense)
Bruh did you hear what the kid called her? How tf is she supposed to be cool with that?
ashiisehun ashiisehun Jul 03
God damn bish I didn't fûcking asked for your opinion and I also didn't ask if I was your damned type
But you just talk to a weirdo.
                              YOU SHOULD ASK YOURSELF.