My Bad Ass White Boy

My Bad Ass White Boy

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Zamn Zaddy . By asimplechick Updated Mar 01

J: I was the new girl

C: She was the new girl

J: I got kicked out of many private schools

C: I stood under the radar

J: And there he was

C: And there she was

J: He was mysterious 

C: She was beautiful

J: He's different 

C: She different 

J: He claimed he was 'bad news'

C: She laughed in my face when I told her I was 'bad news'

J: But some how, I love him 

C: But some how, I love her

Jaylah + Christian = ;) <3


rairai3456 rairai3456 Dec 21, 2016
I was told don't put your hands on somebody unless the touch you first. So to me, she fought her for an unnecessary reason 😂
bIuemgc bIuemgc Nov 17, 2016
Thank you for not making her live in some shack like a lot of Interracial stories do
Why three million 😭? Why not four or five?😭😭😭😭
Jasminer03-15 Jasminer03-15 Nov 18, 2016
That's my daddy 😍💦💦💦💦💦🍆 dick me down Stephen
Lawd no if I ever cursed in front of my parents they'd make me dig my grave and then take turns killing me 😩😂
__blackparade__ __blackparade__ Dec 17, 2016
If ya want more his Instagram is @whoiselijah btw he has a gf she's @mellowyellowbcn I think