My Bad Ass White Boy

My Bad Ass White Boy

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J: I was the new girl

C: She was the new girl

J: I got kicked out of many private schools

C: I stood under the radar

J: And there he was

C: And there she was

J: He was mysterious 

C: She was beautiful

J: He's different 

C: She different 

J: He claimed he was 'bad news'

C: She laughed in my face when I told her I was 'bad news'

J: But some how, I love him 

C: But some how, I love her

Jaylah + Christian = ;) <3


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Wait they let white boys work at the trap🤔😯🤷🏾‍♀️
love87645 love87645 Oct 14
If i talked to my mom like that i would be dead and she would be in jail. 😯🤐😥
Imagine a guy in high school like Stephan with all those tattoos
Second time reading this. And I can honestly say I still feel the same. WHOOP THAT TRICK!!!!
I usually choose to be a loner and then sometimes someone wants to come and distrub my peace
love87645 love87645 Oct 14
She was just jelous she clearly couldnt aford no weave so i she got what she deserved (sorry i cant spell)