My Bad Ass White Boy

My Bad Ass White Boy

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J: I was the new girl

C: She was the new girl

J: I got kicked out of many private schools

C: I stood under the radar

J: And there he was

C: And there she was

J: He was mysterious 

C: She was beautiful

J: He's different 

C: She different 

J: He claimed he was 'bad news'

C: She laughed in my face when I told her I was 'bad news'

J: But some how, I love him 

C: But some how, I love her

Jaylah + Christian = ;) <3


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my mama would have been jumping around happy saying thats what you post to do my father wouldnt have been that excited but he would have been happy
damn these comments are really hyping him up. He’s cute or whatever.
If you listen closely, you can hear that ass whooping from all the way where you are
TiffaniLUV TiffaniLUV Mar 21
If I did even half the things she did I wouldn't even be here to write this comment. Damn shame!
De1UsIonAl De1UsIonAl Mar 29
God this makes me sad to be in this generation, I swear. No hate on the book but this reflects life because so many KIDS out here killing each other just because of stupid words and everyone just encouraging but hey, don't mind meeeee.
Haaawwtttt 😍😍. I’d like to see him when his body is drenched in water 😍 💦