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Eric hadn't expected the yearning to consume him entirely, coursing through every inch of his being and undeniably defining him in ways he didn't need to want or wanted to need. And yet, somehow, he'd found himself longing in abundance after being fired and broken-up with in a single scoop.

And Eric tried to forget. Oh, he tried so desperately, only stopping once he finally attempted to salvage the broken relationship he no longer had with his ex-boss, Shawn. Yet, he hadn't realized he'd be starting from zero, erratically shifting from spiteful outbursts to erogenous nights, and losing himself further. As every vile dispute disrupted his own peace, every lewd touch fueled his ardent love.

#18 Humor

[Sequel to OFFICE LOVE. Definitely read OL first.]

[Part of The Awkward Love Series, Direct Sequel to Office Love!]

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Why cant we just forgive and forget 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️
Spotify7 Spotify7 Feb 12
Shane??? 😕😕  
                              Blue eyes and now Shane??? Really ??😳😳 
                              endless love Shawn😔
Megi_chi Megi_chi Mar 06
Im still crying after ending on OL
                              Thanks for souch a strong sotry 😢
                              And now
                              Excuse me pls
                              I am going to look for some more tissues
ADMOppus ADMOppus 2 days ago
                              PAUSE. REWIND. PLAY.
                              BISH I GOTTA KNOW HOW DIS GOES DOWN.
ADMOppus ADMOppus 2 days ago
...Explain to me why there are problems like this in the real world...
                              U bish.
                              I'd like to order cookies & cream with whip cream and a blueberry cheesecake....  cuz I'm heartbroken.
                              Den den... give meh fooooooodddddd
300th comment ☺ this is my second time reading and the feels are still there 😭😭