The Hale Sister

The Hale Sister

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B O O K   O N E

Season 1

Cameron Hale, back in Beacon Hills after the death of her sister, Laura Hale. Where she comes across a beta with a mysterious alpha no one knows about. Growing close with several students as they all try to figure out who the alpha is, while growing certain feelings for a particular brown eyed human.

Season 2

Peter Hale, known as the Alpha who went on a killing spree was dead. Derek Hale, the new alpha, needed a pack since Scott wasn't interested. Scott tries to warn a few teenagers about the risks of becoming a werewolf.

While doing so, a creature new to both packs bring a new threat to Beacon Hills. They learn the Kanimas ways, and realize there's more to every story/myth in a Beastiary that The Argents had.

Disclaimer; I don't own the tv show "Teen Wolf", although I wish I did. I only own the characters

Cameron Evelyn Hale


Nate Elliott Williams

And any other peeps I probs forgot

Thank you! For once this fan fic actually recognises that the Hale house was burnt down and their rooms wouldn't be left untouched, like how some of the other fan fics make out.