The Hale Sister

The Hale Sister

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B O O K   O N E

Season 1

Cameron Hale, back in Beacon Hills after the death of her sister, Laura Hale. Where she comes across a beta with a mysterious alpha no one knows about. Trying to help her new beta friend, she continues to search for her sister's killer and won't stop until she finds them.

Season 2

Another threat to Beacon Hills rises as Scott and his pack try to find out who is murdering people again. This time it's more difficult and dangerous. They face a creature they never heard of before. Will they stand a chance?

Disclaimer: I don't own the tv show Teen Wolf

I will take ownership of my characters :

Cameron Evelyn Hale & Nate Elliott Williams

And any other peeps I probs forgot

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-Alter-Native- -Alter-Native- May 05, 2017
Thank you! For once this fan fic actually recognises that the Hale house was burnt down and their rooms wouldn't be left untouched, like how some of the other fan fics make out.
Fun fact: He is gay in the show Cough*Spoiler*cough, and in real life