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* "Kyle.. I'm scared of you some times... and I hate that." I said still crying. 

Worst Birthday Ever.

He took a step closer to me and I took a step back... Why did I do that.

"Come here." he said.

I kept taking step backs until I found myself against the wall.

"Kyle.. I'm sorry." I said, falling to the floor. "This is all just too much. I can't handle this.."

He bent down and kissed me. I manage to smile through the pain I felt in my heart. He pulled me on his lap, and wrapped his arms tightly around my waist. I put my hand on his chest while I leaned on his.

"I'm sorry for everything I done," he said, with a guilty yet loving voice tone. "I'll do anything I can to make it up. So let me take you out tonight. I'll make our date something big to make up for all the bad things I done to you, to celebrate your birthday, and to show you how much I love you. But I'm truly sorry, Stella. I never meant to hurt you this much. Seeing you suffer is making me suffer."

"Kyle, you know I love you.. So just tell me why you hit me? Don't you care what you do to me?" I asked, pushing him on the floor so I can lay on his chest.

"I grew up with a abusive father. So that's all I learned through my childhood. If you're pissed than start to hit." he said, switiching sides, so I was on the floor. ---- *

Stella and her boyfriend, Kyle are the most popular people in school. They're also the most popular couple in school. People envy her relationship with him, but they don't know it's full of abuse. How far will her boyfriend go until he realized the abuse needs to stop. It just might be too late.

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pantaloons2015 pantaloons2015 Oct 15, 2016
Oh my bad you were only trying to hurt her a little bit not that much ok that makes it all ok now (sarcasm)
AmorArmani AmorArmani Dec 14, 2015
Justin Bieber, my crush (who i keep saying I'm over him but every time i see him I fall back into his trap, but we're just best friends, according to him)
Vromnely Vromnely Nov 06, 2015
If you get enough from your parents why are you still with him
                              Think stella
TwitterBird1946 TwitterBird1946 Mar 01, 2015
well yeah, over One Direction and many more , so don't judge peeps . Peace out ✌