The GangsLeaders Slut

The GangsLeaders Slut

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Yoonmin_Larry By Yoonmin_Larry Updated Aug 06, 2016

An Innocent Little Boy Named Harry Edward Styles Was Just Only 13.

Taken Away From His Family To Become The GangLeaders Slut.

Louis William Tomlinson, The Number One GangLeader In Town.

An When He Sees Something He Wants, He Takes.

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Nilahzworld Nilahzworld Aug 17
Are we just gonna ignore the fact that he climbed INTO the toilet and turned the FOSSILS?
blueh-42 blueh-42 May 26
Captain god damn Levi.. i'm disappointed in you! You're supposed to kill titans and scrub the fück out of floors, not kidnap hot guys!
My first thoughts about the picture were: "dafuq is he doing!?"
GeekyNeko GeekyNeko Oct 03
Levi go back home. We don't need any titan killing captains here
I'm like trying to figure out if he's mocking girls who do the duck lips or trying to fit in
Wouldn't this be child molestation if Louis did.... you know... with him? Just sayin