Troglodytic (Yaoi BoyXBoy)

Troglodytic (Yaoi BoyXBoy)

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Kou ♂ By Akikou Completed


Takahiro has always been that rebellious teen that people would hang out with to cause chaos. He didn't care for his grades or his aspects on life until one evening when he meets a strange kid by the name of Yuki. 

Yuki is heavily injured, and is taken under Takahiro's care. The pair hates each other to the core until events by events slowly bring them closer. Could Takahiro be Yuki's savior?

The irony that I'm reading this in my math class right now XD
Mr_Jaeger Mr_Jaeger Oct 03
Okay, if personality is the first thing you notice in a person then you're lying to yourself.
Daaaang so so good. Every single one of your stories capture me within the first few paragraphs, this the same as well.
Foxallena86 Foxallena86 Oct 13
Nuh oh. I came for something different. Don't bring Levi into this.
Is this, by ay chance, related to 'I Choose Blue'? (I noticed the names c: I KNEW THEY WERE TOGETHER SQEEEEEE)