his angel 🕊

his angel 🕊

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he'll catch her before she falls. 

(inspired by psyche and eros) 


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**this is cringey 14 year old writing but  if you dig hot messes, go right ahead (;

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-QueenMafia -QueenMafia Apr 30
Omg! Thats always what i think before i think I'm going to die!!!
releasemybees releasemybees Aug 08, 2016
Okay but Eros' cast member reminds me of the kool-aid man OooOOooooOooh YeEeeeEaaaaAH
- - May 15, 2016
I came to see if anyone else noticed the mistake in the description
brindarulesall brindarulesall Jun 07, 2016
Another girl who's Shawn trash af like me.I think I'm gonna like u and the book very much
ccatherineee ccatherineee Jun 23, 2016
reading the book bc it mentions shawn in the description lmao
Loved the story. Wish it wasn't a short story. I wanted it to go on for ever and ever. PS.- excluding the baby part.