SEHUN: The living SEX TOY??

SEHUN: The living SEX TOY??

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Chou_Ryuuen By Chou_Ryuuen Updated Jul 17


"Ugh! They haven't gotten any bigger!
My chest didn't improve! I absolutely will not buy from street vendors "

min na's POV

I'm now standing in front of the mirror with some products for my flat chest. I'm really a flat chested.

Oh sorry ..almost forgot. I'm Lee min na. A high school student.16 years old. no boyfriend since birth. I'm living in my apartment. Alone. My parents are in their business trip.

*tic tac tic tac*

"Ahhhh! Holy crap I'm going to be late"

I hurriedly went downstairs when..




I was stick at my window and saw my clothes.

"Wait a sec! My clothes have been dry since last night. Oh no..I wont be on time! "

I grab my clothes with full speed.

Some of them are being thrown at the other side of my apartment but I didn't bother to look for them.


*full speed*

When I open the door ...


Park Chanyeol is standing in front of me while holding my BRA.


Park Chanyeol is the Guy next door at the Same time ...

I'm so glad I'm not flat chested, but then again, it's hard to have a 38DD size chest.
_JooMin_ _JooMin_ Jan 23
This reminds me of a Taiwanese drama i watched
                              Absolute boyfriend or something like that