My Possessive Mate

My Possessive Mate

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Angel_16 By angel_g16 Updated Oct 30, 2017

~"You're mine and only mine. Nobody can touch you like I can, love you like I can, kiss you like I can." he kisses me. ~

Astrid Evans is the daughter of Alpha Williams Evan from the Silver Moon Pack. On her 16th birthday, she meets her mate. He happens to be Alpha of the Red Blood pack, most dangerous and most terrified pack. He is very possessive and protective over her.  Little do they know, life is full of surprises. Will they stay together or will death do them apart?      

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I swear to god if Dylan is actually Dylan O’Brien I’m going to freak.
Ally200456 Ally200456 Jul 08, 2017
Roses are red
                              Cactus are prickly 
                              Can I just say
                              That escalated pretty quickly
cambraiseharfordilyn cambraiseharfordilyn Oct 17, 2017
Damn wasn't expecting that!!! But she's such a good daughter:)))
winteringpages- winteringpages- Mar 11, 2017
i need a man like that. but i only see him in my wildest dreams
RavenWolf505819 RavenWolf505819 Nov 29, 2017
This is usually what I say to my friends boyfriend's. If they break their heart ill break their face then rip off their balls. (Like they have any) COUGH
emma_martinez05 emma_martinez05 Oct 06, 2017
Roses are red 
                              Thorns are prickly 
                              Holy shît 
                              That escalated quickly