Oneshot Storybook (boyxboy)

Oneshot Storybook (boyxboy)

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Willow Sinowa By SmexySinowa Updated Feb 16, 2017

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1. Believe Me

2. 543 Days

3. Jahvie Fanfic

4. Key to My Heart

5. Key to My Heart pt. 2

6. The Love No One Can Give

7. Finally

8. Truth or Dare 

9. Truth or Dare pt. 2

10. Blue

11. Fake Blood and Fangs

12. Basil's Smile

13. Basil's Smile pt. 2


I would prefer if I didn't get a request the same as ones I've already done.

I am open to any boyxboy fanfic EXCEPT Justin Beiber and One Direction. I won't do it, no matter how long you beg me. It won't happen. Sorry JB fans.

While I can do any boyxboy fanfic, that doesn't mean I will. There will be some that I will decline mostly because I don't always have time. 

Fanfics will take me longer because chances are, I won't have any idea what you people are talking about. Sorry, I'm so out of touch with the media.

I have no problem with smut (hehe, trust me, I don't ;) but it won't be in every story. I don't write porn.  

I suck at meeting my deadline, so please don't set one. I'll never not do it, but it takes me some time because I have other stories I'm focused on a lot more. 

Don't hold back, I love challenges :)

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I've never actually cried while reading a book not even when my favorite character dies, congratulations you take the cake.
King_C1542 King_C1542 Mar 25, 2017
It doesnt really bother me if its siblings but parents and their children is a bit much
Books_n_Blankets Books_n_Blankets Jun 05, 2017
That actually made me cry.....a lot. Nobody should ever do that to somebody...
Minjun-sama Minjun-sama Feb 11
I want to fücking kill Leo you dont know how much I want to stab his fücking throat
the_original_psycho the_original_psycho Aug 13, 2017
Even though the ending is happy or whatever I'm still pissed at leo and honestly he didn't deserve to be forgiven.. I'm way too worked up about a fictional character 😂
AnimeAddictXD AnimeAddictXD Sep 18, 2017
Fifty dollars for a night where you dont get drunk do drugs or see strippers