Arrange Marriage To My Ex-Best Friend (On Hold)

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IB By MasMicBibbles Updated 2 years ago
Nathan and Lilian have been best friends ever since they started to walk, the pressure of high school has torn them apart and they've completely isolated each other. Now Nathan is popular and Lilian is just a girl he knew. The vision of Lilian's dead psychic Grandmother has brought them back together. Their parents were ordered by her Grandmother to tell them that they are to have an arranged marriage.   Lilian and Nathan are forced together to figure out why this is happening and why they don't have a say in this.
awh!! i love this! but O.M.G! i totally L.O.Led when she said she wanted an vampire baby xDD
you wrote this? hehe that why they seem familiar. no jks, no really . . , .:D Ilikei1 !